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Let The Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in at last! We know it is hard and it has…
Put A Woman In Charge. Photo taken by Spanish artist, @cot.mcot for Los Balos in

A Full Moon|Los Balos, El Medano

  A full moon starred me up. Riding heroically, spirited…

Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun again and Los Balos is getting ready for the…
The Beach

It´s A Full House, The Beach House

It´s a full house! We made it happen again thanks to our faithful…
Francesco Guidi

We´re Back In Business

Babe, we´re back in business. Los Balos, El Médano has reopened…
The Beach House Since

Californian Dreaming

Hey guys, we are nearly back and Californian Dreaming is on our…

Slow Living By Los Balos

Slow Living. More than a month ago I was totally stessed out.…

Hello Sunshine, We Are Back!

Lately we are taking a shot at lifestyle at Los Balos, El…
A moment to go forward. The Beach House, Los Balos, El

Check In, Check Out

Check in, check out, ´cause we are a box full of chocolates.…