On Endings and Beginnings. We all hate what comes to a finale and consequently, get a tiny bit scared when we start out anew. Brain when introduced to the uncertain goes pretty berserk. That’s life: everything ends to begin again. Problem is how to stay in the bloody moment and accept “I don’t know, I don’t know”

Our previous soap makers came to a full stop. It’s been a few months of “what the fuck!” but we still wanted sustainable, organic soap for our beautiful apartments.

Decided on going forward. Furthermore, creating our own eco-friendly savons de toilette. A blend of natural essences combined with organic ingredients: olive oil, white and green clays. Pure Castile soap, creamy and buttery. This first batch looks totally eatable. Beware, they are not chocolates. A mixture of wood, orange and rose essential oils are our scents. Thus, a box of ocean that will hopefully remind you of what we are: a simple beach house on a wee cove bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Inspired by this utterly unique desert land. Surrounded by volcanos, basalt and tosca. The extreme colours: black and white in my head… My British gardens, my mother’s baking and my own obsession with the products I use on my skin. All the previous, bundled together, helped us come up with a Chocolate Collection: creamy whites and ash blacks. A tandem that fits us like a glove. We are just wrapping our guests in goodness.

Babe, we offer our clients a simple environment, tons of attention and an incredible location, probably one of the best. A place to unplug. To unleash your sport addictions. To reunite with soul and self. We are a long list of wind fanatics, swimmers, surfers, hikers. However, sometimes just you and me.

The Beach House would not be possible without our fantastic team. A special thanks to our two housekeepers who keep the place spick and span. Therefore, always ready for whoever may arrive. I am thankful for everything that came my way this last year. Always counting my blessings, such a long list! Practice, practice and many burpees. A fantastic highway to wade through life. This virus has outlined our strength and unveiled where we stand. Love and truth, quite simple if you can get your head around it.

See you all the time.
Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals