Californian Dreaming

Hey guys, we are nearly back and Californian Dreaming is on our minds. Getting back in the water and riding waves is already a go in El Médano. It seems we are slowly walking to a new normal. Although we still don´t know exactly what is going to happen in the nearby future. The Canarian Government is seriously and strongly working towards a free Covid-19 zone. In addition, the archipelago, thanks to its insularity, is also naturally protected and its rated infections are one of the lowest. Not to mention this week, all islands have entered Phase 1.

I cannot yet guarantee when we are going to re-open our apartments. Who will be able to visit and stay at our beautiful place is still an incognita. But for sure we are gonna work it out. It will be a challenge, nevertheless we thrive on them. We are ready and hopefully, everything will be top knotch. Summer bookings will be maintained until the last minute or our guests decide otherwise.

As many, I am still stuck at my home in Madrid where we are totally under attack. Although some restrictions have been modified, people are finding it tremendously difficult to lead a “normal” life without risks. What comes next is a big question mark.

If you are lost and looking for a different insight, check The Assemblage NYC. A simple philosophy. They believe the world is on the verge of a collective conscious evolotion. Transitioning from a society defined by the delusion of individualism and separation into one of mutual interconnectness.  Their online feed is essential and generous.

Meantime, we are swaying to this playlist and many more on our Spotify profile. Dive in and maybe the music included,  you would never even have thought of listening to.

 I miss Médano all day long. Neverending nights dreaming waves and golden sand. So ´til I am barefoot again, I am gonna take a piece of sunshine and paint it all over my skin.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House.

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