Like A Rolling Stone | Los Balos, El Médano

Like A Rolling Stone, Los Balos, El Medano, also known as The Beach House, has now been running strong for 10 years. Today we have ten frontline apartments available for rentals; different sizes, different levels, all offer incredible views of this beautiful beach.

Therefore, this year we are happy to share that we have rennovated interiors and are planning on completing all of our apartments. For now, five of them have been renewed.

Although we are fully booked for the summer and the Christmas holidays, feel free to get in touch. Sometimes we have last minute cancellations. As many of our regular guests know, we only attend reservations at We just want to offer you direct and personal attention. But you will not find us on any rental platform.

Our main clients are wind and kitesurfers but we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy this incredible place and unique environment.

It is not only El Médano and its neverending Tradewinds. It´s sunbathing, swimming, golf, climbing, cycling, hiking… You name it, we´ve got it!

This is what we have been upto these last few months:

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House

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