A Full Moon|Los Balos, El Medano


A full moon starred me up. Riding heroically, spirited by a Gaelic Highland queen’s bravery, conveyed me the boldness to fly out from Madrid airport and make it to the island. Babe, I courageously moved beyond the pandemia. What a stress but just falling asleep listening to El Médano’s rolling waves has charged my batteries.

September, beautiful September is the start of a two month new summer. Soft tides, sometimes south but always incredible, magical, combined with a sense of freedom that only a nearly free COVID-19 zone can offer. Restaurants have adapted, some have closed and quite a few are doing takeaway. Everyone is wearing a face mask. Therefore, a small paradise to refresh energy and mental stability for the difficult upcoming months.

Knowing we hadn’t the virus, we underwent a previous 48h PCR test, something I highly recommend 2020 travellers. Help us smash the contagion and follow one of our most used hashtags on social media.

So be it, September is on. Lucky to have a Spanish artist in the house and future guests arriving this week…

This place rules my heart like no other.  The wind, the sport, a simple life coached by Nature. Never ending tides will rock your brain and wash your soul. See you on the beach.

´Til then,

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals





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