Let´s Do Well By Doing Good.

Let´s do well by doing good. Los Balos, El Médano´s main theme for June.

I always define El Médano not only as wind and waves but also as a magical and unique place. Where ocean and desert come together. We are just there, in the middle. On one side, the village, and on the other, a small ancient vulcano: Montaña Roja and an impressive natural environment.

Therefore, we are a point of connection between two worlds, a small urban one and the wilderness.

Just back from New York. Babe, work certainly seems to take me anywhere. Flowing and full of energy, this non-stop city alway gives back so much. Incredible that in this urbe there are also spellbinding places as The Assemblage NoMad on 114 East 25th Street, NY 10010. I am totally bewitched by their approach and manifesto:

Society today does not reflect the highest manifestation of who we can be. To transform it we must go within and transform ourselves. We see the false consensual belief of separation between individuals as the core problem. Isolation is not our destiny. We do not pretend to have the answers or know how to help anyone. So we come together to start a journey in the pursuit of individual purpose as a function of positive impact on others.

So aside from having a private membership, what is The Assemblage? It is something for everyone. Providing access for the crowd to assets that were privy to the very wealthy.

The following concepts are their unique essence. Collaboration, innovation, growth, balance, impact and play. Anything and everything to inspire a social change. A community to come together. To thrive and grow. A supportive environment.

It seems like we probably have to pause and slow down. While humanity is in a moment of great evolution. As individuals, we are also great destroyers and terrible sharers. So let`s assemble.

Why? Because we need to ignite the collective imagination of what might be and expand the realm of the possible.

So let´s do well by doing good!

Ps. A big thank you to my New York family: Vero Cabezas, Bea Merry, Claudia Levy, Genevieve Kim, Ana Berenguer, The Standard Hotel East Village, Nicole Eisen, Laura Valenzuela, Blue Eyes and Mariana Cot. To great women!

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House.

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    Harmony and peace


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