We´re Green... Los Balos | El Medano

El Medano has been rolling now for a few days, wind came back…
Los Balos El Medano

Sometimes It Rains In Heaven, Los Balos | El Medano

We thought our Trade Wind would be mildly back this week, don´t…

The Place, Los Balos | El Medano

  The Beach House was first built in 1935,…

La Tejita, Loving The Place, Los Balos | El Medano

  Seems some people have forgotten what we are, a…

The Guys On The Beach

  We´ve taken our time, been on a long walkabout…

Sunday Afternoons

Chapter One, The Kiteboard Legacy Begins, A Movie In 2015…

Where Else?

  "Baby, it's been a long time, things haven't been…


    Surely getting hot and windy, if you missed…