Slow Living By Los Balos

Slow Living.

More than a month ago I was totally stessed out. Phone 24h connected. Fingers crossed that all our reservations would roll smoothly. Back from hitting the planet and freaked out I was leaving my place in Madrid. Garden, veggies and dogs but at the same time, yearning to reach the island. Our beautiful island, Tenerife. But mainly, mentally fucked with the responsability of closing down our reservations. The place, The Beach House, my retreat for more years than I can remember.

El Médano

Our last reservation left on the 15th of March. A difficult day for Spain. On Monday we officialy closed down until we are free again and our government decides otherwise. In Madrid, 09/03/2020, we knew it was a question of time. We sadly don´t have the most charismatic leaders and the country is totally divided by absurd nationalisms and political interests. But for what I have seen, read and listened to lately, this problem is worldwide.

On this blog, we never talk politics. I find it so old fashioned and out of date. We understate the need of assembling, love, empathy and compassion. Supporting always, every single business El Médano has. We are more than a simple place on the beach. A creation built from the very heart of our family. A summer house that exists since 1935.

I was born 19 years after The Second World War in Epsom, Surrey. (My grand father was a pilot in The First World War and my great uncles fought throughout World War II in Africa). Today, my memories take me back to my childhood, to an England where there were no oranges in The Seventies. I am so grateful for my upbringing. What I learnt! Priveledged that my elders guided me to creativity, discipline and freedom. My spanish father always tells me I am a bloody idolizer. Maybe it´s true. But it has helped me so much through light and dark corners. I have outlived two deadlines and will always thrive on challenges.

Even in times when we are forced to be apart physically, we know, deep inside, that now is the time when we must come together and unite as one. Now is time to manifest the world we want to live in. The COVID-19 is showing us that we are a global community. So let´s resolve and decide as citizens that share this planet. For sure this is a moment of great evolution.

Spain, we love you… Slow living it is.


Ps. So many places in my heart. Thankful to NY, what it has taught me and its never-ending energy. Be safe.




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