Take A Breath

Take a breath is something I have been compelled to continuously remember this last month. Life has swallowed me. Sucking me down a bloody vortex. We are all under so much pressure and quickly forget our uncountable resources. Clearing the clutter has been my goal and tuning in to a dial where I really want to hang out.

Surprisingly, my first question was, how do I tend to myself? And like a bat out of hell, remember, this world was made for dreaming and creating. Finding greater connections and alignments. Falling back in love. Opening sacral points where passion and creativity live. We hurriedly forget our senses. Press the go button, galloping like a horse on a race track. Before gaining the final furlong, our sensuality and pleasure is lost, fallen between impossible cracks. I wish to see without eyes, to walk without feet and to fly without wings. This Atlantic Ocean, its continued rumbling of waves and wind, remind me who we really are. I have moved out of the cave, awakened everything inside me and stepped into a concept, today forgotten, being real.

Ergo, each of us are so peculiar. I am an artist of many arts. Maybe, a maniac, for sure a perfectionist freak. A winter lover who hardly tolerates the sun and cherishes morning dips in five degree Celsius water or Fahrenheit, depending on which side of the earth you’re on. Perceptive to an unimaginable extreme. As soon as it gets dark, I go haywire with the damn light pollution and hitch on my night shades.

I conjured up my assets. So many! My British upbringing, I know it so damned old fashioned. One thing or another, fucking tags. It’s taken me a year to get back to writing. My two dogs. My wild garden. An endless list of goodies. Meanwhile, it’s been take a breath, or two. And everything clicks again.

So lucky to be part of this project, The Beach House. Our team working every single day to keep it spotless, simple, private and always, always mysterious.Without my associates it would be impossible but if our housekeeper wasn’t around, it would be murder. Thanks hubbie for believing in my view. Forever grateful to my cousin and friend, Mr F. Galera, he has held my hand since the beginning.

Take A Breath Our new playlist. Shake, move your body, simply take what you need…

See you all the time or next time…
Yolanda Edward