A Perfect BreakfastLos Balos, El Médano

My Perfect Breakfast, El Médano

My perfect breakfast, El Médano, a delicious beginning for…
PWA World Championship 2019www.losbaloselmedano.com

This Is Us, Tenerife…

Tenerife is an incredible island. Whichever side you fall on,…

Love Me to My Soul| Los Balos, El Médano

Already summer and we are back with another playlist, Love Me…
Let´s Do Well By Doing GoodLos Balos El Medano

Let´s Do Well By Doing Good.

Let´s do well by doing good. Los Balos, El Médano´s main…
Babe, here go my top hacks for globe trotters. Wheels up in ten days, first stop Madrid, then back to New York.Los Balos, El Medano

Babe, My Top Hacks for Globe Trotters

Babe, here go my top hacks for globe trotters. Been on…
Be The Ocean, Los Bslos, El Médanolosbaloselmedano.com


Be The Ocean is one of our favourite hashtags on social media.…
los Balos, El Médano

Back On Track

Back on track... Today is all about making it simple to live…

Hitting The Planet, New York

Hitting the planet, New York. Although I love to be all year…
Los Balos El Medano

Open The Doors To Heaven|Tenerife

Tenerife, Islas Afortunadas, The Canary Islands It´s funny…
Los Balos El Medano

Get Going On New Challenges For 2019 | Los Balos, El Medano

Many of us get lost and stressed out when a new year begins.…