The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love.

The power of love, truth, kindness and empathy is our business’s bottom line. We are rentals but this approach has helped us become what we are today. We were so damn lucky our family teamed up to make this fascinating project come true. The desert is our landscape. A pure form produced by the abstraction of all others. A compelling concept that has inspired the new modifications in our gardens.

You just need your two legs to get going and discover this small desert. Most of the land, 100 acres, still belongs to us. Generously granted in The Seventies to become a protected natural environment. Tomatoes, potatoes and other greens used to grow there. Can you believe it? Today Mother Earth has taken over. Throughout the summer months: arid and unique. Although if you check it out in winter, the place will surprise you. A green low forest emerges of tabaibas, aulagas and daises. Such an unimaginable richness. How it survives the summertime drought is a wonder. After all these years it amazes me and continues to bewitch my mind.

This wonderful old farm is a pathway to Montaña Roja and La Tejita, a gem like no other. We love this place, a beach that recovers all the sand produced and transported by our North East blast. Our first beach house is still standing there. What it will develop into in the nearby future is to be planned. Meanwhile, it has a great story. A telegraphic cable that run from Britain to Brazil, via Tenerife and Dakar. Babe, our family is probably the first British one in the South. Hugh C. Davidson was sent by The Atlantic Telegraphic Company to The Canary Islands after 1850. This telecommunications engineers’ mission was to get the submarine cable running and stable. Consequently, a modern communication system that would be vital throughout the two World Wars. We are so proud of your legacy.

The upcoming months, September, October and November will bring, not only beautiful tides, but also tons of sand. Once again, our golden beach will be reborn. Today we are a full house. Honey feel free to get in touch if you are in need of this ocean and desert medicine.

See you all the time.