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https://losbaloselmedano.com/my-place-at-los-balos-el-medano-windsurf-kitesurf/Babe, we´re back in business. Los Balos, El Médano has reopened and we are already rolling to a summer breeze. The Beach House will be recieving its first guests on the 22nd of June. As many, we have been closed since the 16th of March. It´s been a strange sensation, seeing and feeling the place empty but it had to be done.

The Canary Archipelago has been extremely lucky through this pandemia and today all islands are in phase 3. Spain will open its frontiers at the end of the month. Still to be decided is the possibily of European citizens travelling with a previous 72 hour Covid-19 test. So honey, if you are coming this summer, check out nearby laboratories at your home countries. We have got you covered on the island for a P.C.R., if needed, just nearby.

The end of this bloody winter and the beginning of spring, have been difficult months for everyone. I guess, our summer house wasn´t hit  so hard. April and May feature as our Low Season months. And yes, we had cancellations but we are grateful our business has survived.

We are ready for the following months and had organised beautiful homemade natural soaps, a present for our faithful clients who come every single summer. Hoping I can get to Tenerife before the middle of July. I am till stuck in Madrid. Feet clayed in mud, quite impossible to get out and lead a normal life.

El Médano´s main restaurants are open and working, although with reduced capacity. Some are on to new ways: pick-up, ready made menus and more. There will be many changes, but who can´t adapt? Don´t forget your Batman mask and forget about hydroalcoholic solutions, we have got you.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys around. Contributing to the island´s economy but mainly, hitting the water as if it was your first time. Hopefully our Tradewind will be as strong as ever and give us a great windy summer.

´Til then,

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals





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