Babe, My Top Hacks for Globe Trotters

Babe, here go my top hacks for globe trotters. Been on the road since I was born. Although I was all for a quiet life, I just didn´t get one. More than half a century later, guess I am around like the devil… I just cannot travel without a few things: an onboard wash bag and a medium case, specially if I am planning a long flight and possible jet lag.

Wheels up in ten days. First stop Madrid and then, back to New York. Still barefoot, more than a month at Médano, enjoying this neverending summer. Unique soft winds and sweet tides have refilled the beach with tons of golden sand.

Been really busy getting our 10 apartments at Los Balos ready for the upcoming months. Most interiors have been redone using light colours. Thanks to technology, wifi is now fiber, 100mb and tv´s have gone smart.

Back to the beginning, I simply cannot travel to the other side without the following. I always carry an on board wash bag made up of a few things that I find absolutely essential on more than a three hour flight.

It really does not matter if you are travelling like a queen, ´cause you are always going to be exposed at an airport or on a commercial flight to an umpteen of germs and bugs, so cannot forget my vitamin C chewable 500mg tablets, made by Redoxon. Really easy to find in any pharmacy throughout Spain. Vitamin D3 is also a must for my old bones.

As for cosmetics: a small bottle of rose water, absolute magic as a skin mist or a simple face tonic. Organic natural and pure jojoba oil is extremely versatile. Its PH is exact to human skin! Not only is it great for removing make-up, it also gives you an extra boost when needing more moisture.

I simply hate swipes, so I never, ever forget a muslim cloth or a small cotton flannel. Combined with oil or a cleanser, they are fantastic for removing make up or whatever. Quick, easy and useful on an airplane.

A few years ago I decided not to put anything on my skin that I would not eat. Seems maybe stupid but remember, many creams are made of an infinite list of dirty ingredients that can disrupt our precious health. Now I am using Pai skincare: Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream, Age Confidence Cream and their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil.

One of my favourite hacks is a fine grain baking powder. Did you know it´s useful as toothpaste? And mixed with an oil, a great solution to boost and polish your skin.

Essential oils, as lavendar and bergamot, are unique for unwinding…

Last but not least, I cannot manage without a lip balm. Thanks to my dermatologist, I discovered Bariéderm by Uriage. I am totally possessed with this tiny tube and its great hydration. Works even as a gloss.

Flying to to the other side is always stressing, airport security checks, everything organised to undergo laws and regulations. As a consequence, everything has to fit into under 100ml recipients. Sephora has great travelling kits, such a shame they do them in plastic!

Babe, don´t forget to drink water and no alcohol on a long flight. You can´t imagine how your body suffers. Eating plenty of fruit and no plane food is my secret.

Bon voyage.

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