Put A Woman In Charge. Photo taken by Spanish artist, @cot.mcot for Los Balos in September

Put A Woman In Charge, Los Balos, El Médano…

Difficult this month to choose a topic, Put A Woman In Charge, seemed a great theme after observing how they are managing countries and governments these last few months,

The pandemia is running strong through Europe, like a bloody Guy Fawkes. Spain, mainland, is absolutely upside down while our government and opposition are fighting like hell, as kids on a playground, which sadly is our beautiful country.

Thank God, The Canary Islands are protected by their insularity and are still one of the lowest rated places in Europe. We insist, undergo a virus test before coming. Today it is not mandatory, nonetheless, in Spain, everything can change from one day to another.

I just got back from El Médano. A ton of years had passed since the last time I had been there in September. Simply beautiful. This year I have been so damn lucky to enjoy the beach all to myself. Swimming, practicing yoga, jaja. I am a show off, an extrovert and on the other hand, sometimes, very timid.

Sun has bathed my body while listening to waves. My soul, totally connected with nature. Meanwhile, scrubbing my skin pink, using our utterly unique golden sand. Montaña Roja keeps my heart pumping. I challenge you to take the walk or run up to the top. I have only got to the middle and then, continue to La Tejita.

There is one last thing to mention, it is a really difficult time all over the world. Babe, don’t loose your identity. Molly Henderson, my grandmother, told us a story about a concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen. Liberated by the Brits in 1945. The guy in charge: Lieutenant Colonel Mervin Millet Gonin was devasted and needed anything and everything.

Inimaginable was what the camp received first, red lipstick!

Once the rouge à lèvres was given out to every single woman… The next day there were red lips all over the camp. The colonel later interviewed stated it was the best uplifting thing they received.

Honey,  let the sun shine in! We have so much. We are life!

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals