Back On Track

Back on track…

Today is all about making it simple to live whole, eat well and feel amazing. El Médano offers a variety of possibilties so as to make your fridge a sanctuary of good organic and eco food. There are quite a few shops, markets and restaurants that are already onto it.

I buy all my fruit, veggies, eggs and cheese at the Wednesday Farmer´s Market. Every week they are at La Plaza and have been going strong for the last few years. Great bananas, papayas and unbelievable tropical fruits. All type of greens and lovely homemade cheese. If you have just arrived and missed them, you can still grab fresh, eco and organic eggs at Herbolario Todo Natural or Dialprix. SuperDino has been offering clients, the last few years, a great selection of organic products,  a variety of oils: coconut, sesame, avocado; oatmeal, hummus, kefir…  You name it, they have got it.

If you are looking for freshly caught fish, direct from this incredible Atlantic ocean, a great place is Los Abrigo’s Lonja Pesquera, a little village just next door to El Médano. If you are a meat lover, Rivher is your butcher and his eco selection. Tenerife is also a great place to savour incredible wines, wash all these goodies down with Frontos, a unique local eco dry white wine.

Hit Lille Café, great for breakfast, in betweens, brunch or lunch. Eco, organic and vegan. You will fall for their smoothies, green juices, pancakes, cous-cous, poached eggs, salmon…

Our Northeast Tradewind has been blowing since December and will hopefully stay until the end of August. Many windsurfers are back at El Médano, getting a kick out of the great winter conditions, riding like heroes. We have been choc-bloca, since before Christmas.

Many have come and gone. A unique variety of guests, astronomers, cyclers, families and water sport addicts. The last four months, thanks to the slalom trainings, a lot of windsurfers have been around. Pwa and IFCA riders training for the next racing season. Others turning up a knotch their technique or simply, getting a grab on waves and this incredible Northeast blast. Babe, hope you teamed up and learned some new tricks.

We are interested in everything that is going on around us. Tenerife is full of surprises; eco-organic plantations just up the road: Vilaflor. Alex Vilayta grabbing waves. Marcos Acosta skating down from El Teide. The PWA Championship, the winter slalom trainings, honey and cheese at Pinolere’s Season Market, and the blooming greeness of the other side.

But it is also all about a lifestyle, a unique island, the desert, the North, a different insight and a great place to stay, Los Balos.

Therefore, as our motto this month is living whole, eating well and feeling amazing. On the way, don´t forget being compassionate, our vibe for March! Delve into Stanford´s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research, led by James Doty MD. Mindfulness and compassion have major implications not only for individual and relationship health but for the broader health of our communities.

I guess this is a topic for another day…

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House

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