Los Balos

My Journey Back To Our Place

My journey back to our place, The Beach House, also known as Los Balos | El Médano (Sitio Renshaw) started the 4th of April. It wasn’t Médano where I landed. First touch down was another island. Ibiza took me in throughout five glorious days. An experience like no other: a unique ”Retreatment” powered by The Class and founder Taryn Toomey.

How can I explain this “rebirth”… My heart and soul restocked with goodies. An incredible energy roaming inside me, from head to toes. An electrical fire-up. I felt raw as a bloody steak tartar. I should´ve taken a detour before getting back home but Medano was calling, screaming: come now! My desert, my hideout, chanting: ”Yolanda, run and I did so…” Landed and tested positive to this C virus. However, now I am a free woman again. Many times blessed by the past, present and hopefully, the future, whatever that may be.

It’s been two months singing myself awake: full moons, reconnecting with friends, hubbie and my beloved family. So many things happened, one after another. This is life I thought. Precious life. Honestly, there were moments I felt as if I was in a Hollywood production, a James Bond film. One minute, surviving a brutal car accident. My old volkswagen swerving, ‘round and round, went the teddy bear’. Sensed it could be death, but it wasn’t. Luckily, not a scratch or even a bruise. And the next minute, Miss Moneypenny. Simply hilarious

Nothing has gone smoothly, although at the same time, everything has. How to explain this absolute reconnection to being. The tears, the laughter, the sand, the wind, this exceptional arid environment, the Atlantic Ocean…

Writing this piece on a plane, not wanting to forget a single thing. Médano is the place where my life and family come together. The Scots, the Asturians, our cousins, my in-laws. A never-ending list, including our guests and our team. They have all surrounded my soul, a channel of energy, that has showered me with love and glitter. As always, I have swam the ocean, be it brave or calm.

I take back in my heart, rediscovering my husband’s mother, who will celebrate 99 years this September, and specially, my father in-law, Jorge Renshaw Beautell. A man like no other, the architect of this place: The Beach House, first scketched in 1932. He is the root of this utterly unique spot. The beginning is Jorge, how he conceived a retreat to reboot. A prelude to a lifestyle that is still present today. I think I love you.

(All you have to do is breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Take your right hand and put it on your heart, take your left hand and put it on your stomach. Close your eyes. Continue breathing into your hands, into your stomach. A gentle smile on your face. Listen to the waves and wind. Imagine a channel of energy, like an oval going back and forth… Feel the warmth and let go.)

You are here and safe. Enjoy.

Ps, We still have some dates available. Don´t be shy, get in touch. See you next time or all the time. Photos by RafaSoulArt, thank you, forever grateful.