This Is What We
Our interiors, a calm shade of

Keep It Simple And Slow Living It Is

Keep it simple and slow living it is. Both strategies always…
We are a unique place. Our front garden, The Big

Time To Go Forward

It´s time to go forward. A concept that’s been racing…
Back garden to The Big

Let The Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in at last! We know it is hard and it has…
Put A Woman In Charge. Photo taken by Spanish artist, @cot.mcot for Los Balos in

A Full Moon|Los Balos, El Medano

  A full moon starred me up. Riding heroically, spirited…

Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun again and Los Balos is getting ready for the…
The Beach

It´s A Full House, The Beach House

It´s a full house! We made it happen again thanks to our faithful…
Francesco Guidi

We´re Back In Business

Babe, we´re back in business. Los Balos, El Médano has reopened…
The Beach House Since

Californian Dreaming

Hey guys, we are nearly back and Californian Dreaming is on our…