Time To Go Forward

A moment to go forward. The Beach House, Los Balos, El Medano

It´s time to go forward. A concept that’s been racing through my head now for some time. Maybe, it’s a new opportunity to evolve as individuals and as a global society. A moment for reflection, integrity, ethics, compassion, kindness. Let’s aim for the greater good. A philosophy still to come.

I am quite a story teller. A trait passed on to me by my Celtic grandmothers. One would would whisper endless stories of dwarfs, fairy tales, ballet dancers, trips to Africa and unbelievable parties in Beirut and Bombay. The other, wolves, ravishingly hungry, following my great grandfather through snowed mountains.

Already dark, sitting on the bow of my boat, writing this piece for the blog. Meanwhile, I am besotted by this moment, watching a fishing ship sail along the coastline and looking for stars. Can hardly see them due to light pollution. Take the damn lights off, please.

Remembering and scoring so many fantastic moments in my life has exercised my memory and helped me through this pandemic. Recovering things I used to do as a kid and later, as a young woman. Be mindful.

This month we want to give a true feedback. Reassuring our guests on safety and hygiene protocols to survive contagion. Wear a face mask, covering nose and mouth. Shower, wash everything. Aren’t we lucky? Soap and water. Easy peasy. Remember, inside Los Balos, you are sharing gates, shower and storage unit.

Also included are our favourite town restaurants. Babe, eating outdoors or take-away:

Lille Cafe, Bliss Cafe, Rosmarin, El Templete, El Ancla, El Familiar and many more. Send us your chosen places.

Sunshine, listen to the wind blow and checkout our playlists on Spotify. Dance the crisis away.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals

Psss. Introducing our Ocean Soaps to our December guests…



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