It’s A Flow

It’s a flow or at least it seems like one. Couldn’t have chosen a more perfect pic to begin this blog’s entry. A spectacular photo taken by Rafa SoulArt also included on the web. New changes and images that equal our essence. A project that we began to talk about nearly two years ago and have been able to complete this summer.

This perfect sunset and impressive wind mills are really what we are: a never ending summer and a nearly continuous wind. Energy to rig up our sails and at the same time an alternative, a clean power input which today lights up a big percentage of the island.

We have not reached a 100% as El Hierro. Burocracy, politicians and money are a snag. There is still a long way to go and we are missing out on important changes. Humanity is on the verge of a new era that is taking too long to welcome. Climates´downhill has been announced now and for a few years. I thought the pandemic had been a time of great reflection. Earth didn´t take it for granted and showed us how she can heal with a little help. Sadly humanity has not valued this detour. We are not more emphatic with our surroundings or even with our next door neighbours.

Rubbish dumping is a great scandal on the island. you just have to look around. Although Los Balos has nearby rubbish bins, a great part of our population leave their garbage anywhere. But it´s not only us, you or me. if you drive around, emblematic coves or accesses to country houses, located in Las Medianias are full of old wheels, construction leftovers, toilets, paint, cement. An endless shit list.

Hopefully, this year will end with new projects as to how we can clean and dispose of our used waters. A subject I promised myself I wouldn´t mention until this summer. Walking back, barefoot, from a long run, I found my feet were spotted with tar. A bloody ship had been so cheeky as to clean engines a few miles away from our coasts. Shamefully affecting most of the island. A petrol stink and mess that took weeks to disappear.

Are we really so damn trivial? Many things are coming together defining us as egoists, narcissists, superficial… Of late, these concepts have triggered my liberal mind. Fascinated by new ways. Choosing adventure, pause and constantly, love. I guess we are always beginning again.

So grateful our ten apartments are fully booked for the next coming months. Feel free to get in touch, we still have some gaps.

See you all the time.