It´s A Full House, The Beach House

It´s a full house! We made it happen again thanks to our faithful clients and a neverending Tradewind. Médano, Médano, we love you to pieces. Empty or full, you are my favourite beach and place to get lost and disconnect.

This month The Beach House is ninetynine percent Swiss. We couldn´t be more grateful. Our ten apartments were already booked a year in advance but none of us knew if we were going to be able to escape and hit the water. Some haven´t made it, nevertheless, we will hopefully see them sometime soon.

Weather conditions couldn´t be greater. Ergo, it´s hot and blowing like a devil. We are wind and waves all the way. Fingers crossed, wind will continue being around until the end of August. Then, summer begins once again.

Throughout the lockdown, our apartments were sadly bleached down and we are using this agressive hygiene routine in between stays. So feel safe, we are smashing the possible contagion on our side.

Médano is not only sports. There is a great selection of restaurants: Lille Café, run by Brita and Montse, they’re doing takeaways; El Familiar, best fish in town, and many more.

A must is the vegetable, fruit and cheese Farmer´s Market on Wednesday. Those into shopping, check Mar Adentro, lovely things and spectacular sculptures by Fernando Luengo. My favourite place to get lost on a Saturday morning is the Flee Market, checking out all the stands. Countless treasures make way into our apartments… Key rings, beach rugs, sun blessed bags… Buy a dress or something hippy at Lakra Market’s stand

Babe, see you on the beach and catch us if you can. Enjoy this unique summer! By the way, maybe we´ve learnt a thing or two thanks to the bloody health situation. Stay safe.

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