Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun again and Los Balos is getting ready for the next few months. Awaiting a new summer beginning in September. Our faithful trade wind will be slowly disappearing and a brilliant period of beautiful tides and tons of sand turn up on our doorstep and Médano becomes sweet candy. Babe, therefore if you missed out and were stuck wherever, come and stay, we are still hot and sexy.

Otherwise, we are great. The Beach House, in spite of the virus, has been heavily booked the past three months. The team has fitted in quite a list of  last minute guests, many others decided to prolongate their stay. Sunshine, we are always grateful for the business.

Médano’s wind has been a constant. Brave tides have brought fantastic waves and riders have enjoyed great conditions. Ergo, we are a come and go. Some of our clients simply arrived, dropped their cases and rigged up their gear. Five minutes later they were sailing non stop.

Even though the village missed out on The Windsurf World Championship, PWA Tenerife came up with a fantastic idea organising Young Girls Tenerife 2020. A week fully chocked with sailing, new techniques and friendship. Local windsurfer and I dońt know the times she has made world champion, Iballa Moreno was in charge. Always sharing her infinite wisdom of the sport. Lucky you if you made it into the clinic, the lady is a machine!

So what happens now? Briefly I have to mention our situation today due to the COVID-19. Until a week ago, The Canaries have been a free virus zone. As all over the world new cases have popped up everywhere. Some may think Spain is a mess although every country is under going the same crisis. Masks, hygiene and social distancing is a must. Many maybe wondering why the illness has hit our country so hard. The answer is, we are too social.

The local Canarían government has shown coherence during these last six months. Tenerife has got you covered, free COVID-19 tests and medical assistance is available to every single tourist. They were the first to quarantine a whole hotel resort in February.

On our side, we highly recommend responsible 2020-2021 individuals to undergo a test prior to traveling. Help us smash the contagion.

Stay safe…

Yolanda Edward




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