Earth, Beautiful Earth. A Call For Action!

Earth, Beautiful Earth. A Call For Action!

The last few weeks, our planet has been front page on most world headlines. Thanks to a 16 year old girl. Greta Humberg, we are now talking about our planets´health. Consequently, tons of paths and discussions have emerged. Even criticism! I have heard friends and people around express they are tired of hearing her! Others, simply define her as a twat.

Personally, I was so impressed. A youngster, clear, intelligent and full of fundamental scientific data. So, thank you for reminding us of the tremenduous and pressing situation but also for demanding politicians and governments around the world, to come together and find a definitive solution.

We can all do a little. Responsabilities are still shared. On one side, you and me. And on the other, politicians and leaders. This 16 year old girl’s call is not only a S.O.S but it is, for sure, an admonition. This moment in time, now, is maybe the only shot we`ve got at making it right! Our planet is generous and has the incredible capacity of surviving. If we let her breathe, she will regenerate all by herself.

We were quite hesitant on including a publishment on this subject and have left it to the last minute. We try to be green… Remember, it`s not the apocalipsis but it could turn into one. Psssh. Dispose of your fags in the bin… For those of you who are wondering where they are located: back road, behind Los Balos.

Still summer in my head. My garden: flowers and veggies, guide my seasons. I’m waiting on Autumn. Here, in Madrid,. Late as usual. Fingers crossed and wanting cooler temperatures and hopefully, the rain will fall and then, the winter snows will come again.

Remember, there is no planet B.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals

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