Love Me to My Soul| Los Balos, El Médano

Already summer and we are back with another playlist, Love Me to My Soul by Los Balos, El Médano. On a countdown to be barefoot and wild. After a hectic 2019, I imagine we all just wanna unplug, relax and dive into the simplicity of Medano´s slow living.

It seems like we are all finding disconnecting terribly difficult. Who does not check their devices, every single day more than once and even before breakfast? We are all into sharing what we are wearing, where we are, what we have got, what we are doing… But are we really enjoying and living a mindful life? Or are we just grabbing flashes of other people’s ones?

So our theme for this month is speeding down! Back to books, music, magical sunsets, long days, friends and why not, tons of boredom. Letting go and getting bored is an essential way of cracking our brain and helping it get into a creative mood.

Come and stay or join us on this social revolutionary path. Check the blog, we are not only a windsurf sailing exit. Don´t be shy and get in touch, send us a mail to


Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House.

Ps. Wind is back and we are rolling. This year it has taken its time and has been terribly unstable. Check out riders’ feedback on social media. Many of them are already back in The Canary Islands since June, training like heroes for the upcoming PWA´s events: Gran Canaria World Cup, Fuerteventura Grand Slam and finally, El Médano and The Tenerife World Cup. Ergo, babe we are on again!

Mercury has entered retrogade and will be here for the rest of the month: unclutter!

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