Check In, Check Out

Check in, check out, ´cause we are a box full of chocolates. Honey, sometimes it is all about El Médano. What´s happening in the bay. The PWA World Windsurf Competition. The Slalom. My favourite run. What I do to feel good at 56. Where to go and have dinner. Our great place: a total of ten apartments. Four 2 bedrooms, four 3 bedrooms and two petite 1 bedrooms. When and where to grab a wave. Our favourite shop, breakfast or simply, a great playlist.

So dive in to the blog, there´s tons of info about this magical Médano and its superb coastline. We are not only wind! Each island of  the Canarian Archipelago is unique. Perfect for nature and sport lovers. So, fuel your addictions!

Last month we started out adding tricks on how to beat dehydration. This time, included is my daily routine to stay fit as a pin. When I am not on the island, I train four times a week, cardio, yoga and strengh. But hey guys, sometimes we´ve gotta change our structured lives, specially on holidays. Frequently it´s just as simple as using what surrounds us. Los Balos is literally immersed in this unique beach. Babe, just in case you didn´t know, we are ocean. If you are a fanatic windsurfer or into kiting, just open the gate and hit the water. We also have three incredible staircases. Up and down keeps my heart, lungs and butt ready for anything. Be it the tiniest bikini or a long trek.

Check In Check Out

Summer 2019

I thrive walking barefoot this beautiful beach, from one side to another. Doesn´t really matter if it´s a high tide or a low one. Being in direct contact with this wild nature makes me feel so damn powerful and vigorous. We are also blessed with a rare precious environment and a small vulcano, Montaña Roja. A great hike for early risers and sunset seekers.

Many more things to come. Homemade superfood chocolate and honey masks that make our skins glow like the sun. Body and face exfoliation using your favourite oil and sodium bicorbonate or our incredible sand. Meanwhile, I am totally obsessed with frankincense oil.

Catch us if you can and remember, love is our ultimate resource. Surrender yourself to compassion, patience and trust.


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