Earth, Wind And Fire…

Earth, wind and fire… I guess everyone into sports, specially water ones, fight to keep hydrated. It doesn´t really matter if you are a guy or a gal. Everybody is on the move. The wind, kiters and windsurfers. Others, walking the beach or swimming the bay, hiking to La Tejita, diving Los Abrigos, skating down our incredible slopes, from El Teide to Vilaflor or running up and down Montaña Roja.

The Beach House
Los Balos, El Médano

Médano is made of sun, wind, sand and salt. Who wouldn´t feel on fire? It´s a sexy combination but how the hell do we keep our body water and minerals levelled.

For years now, I always start my waking day with warm lemon water, just like my Spanish grandmother Julia used to do. Mainly because it´s a great trick to detoxify liver but also provides a gentle body flush for the new day. Sometimes, I will even add a pinch of one of my favourite salts as it seems this helps to hydrate deeply at a cellular level. Breakfast is always fresh seasonal fruit mixed with an oat-chia parfait. Tons of energy, water and minerals for what may lay ahead.

I am mainly a swimmer, a runner and a beach lover. So I battle tremendously against oxidation and dehydration. Swimming the bay is a total adventure and a great challenge. So I hit the water just after breakfast but the night before I have slathered my skin in pure organic shea butter. thanks to the amazing nourishment it provides, next morning my skin has sucked it all in plus Médano´s night humidity. Ergo, I am ready to go.

Forty minutes later, I am sunning on Los Balos´s incredible terraces, half an hour with no sunscreen. Then a quick body cream and sometimes an easy but extremely hydrant face mask. Following simple credos –exfoliate, hydrate and using oatmeal-based products. This is the winning combination behind restoring dry skin and preventing further damage.

In addition, we are sharing an at-home oatmeal mask recipe:


  • Blended oatmeal (2 tablespoons)
  • Baking soda (1 teaspoon)
  • Water (1 teaspoon)

Mix the oatmeal and water together, then add in the baking soda. Before using the mask, exfoliate and cleanse. Apply and leave on for ten or fifteen minutes. Next, wash off with cool water.

So honey, don´t be shy, be social. Meet the challenge, be greener! Together we are better.

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