Blue Moon Studio Jam

Blue Moon Studio Jam, an autumn playlist for colour lovers.

The other day one of our guests got in touch, he had been staying at Los Balos with his family. First time for them, they usually come at Christmas. October’s summer beauty shocked them… We always mention this spectacular and unique season: September, October and November, as our neverending summer ones.

Our Trade Wind is not so playful throughout these months. But El Médano, it´s inmediate surroundings and of course, the island´s by itself, offer an umpteen of things to do. Trying out new plans and getting out of our comfort zone is the best self love that we can practice.

This summer tired of wind and sand (sorry guys, I am not a windsurfer). An adventorous spirit lead us around the island looking for natural crystal clear pools. Ja ja, we found them! Yeah we did. There´s quite a list. So maybe today, you feel like something different. High tides, no beach?

Catch the kids and grab some wheels. Just next door, Los Abrigos has a tremendous natural pool. Fifteen minutes further, towards Tajao, don´t miss El Listado y La Jaca, two villages together and 3 natural ponds….

Try us out. Don´t be shy, be social. Together we are better. Let´s assemble and babe, enjoy this autumn playlist for colour lovers.

Pssss. Lizzie Baillie and her team are rocking El Médano, can´t miss her Water Women, an intro to waves and jumps. Check their web page for more info:

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals

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