My Perfect Breakfast, El Médano

My perfect breakfast, El Médano, a delicious beginning for a hell of a day. Stocking up on goodness, charged and ready for whatever may come next: sports, work or simply, messing around. Babe, I simply love the ritual, a chi parfait, a pot of hot roasted green tea, a tray and solitude. Sometimes, it can be ten minutes, others, more and maybe work. So I guess, without this cereal-pudding-parfait I wouldn´t feel the same: full of energy.

Chia Parfaits

Above all, a Chia Parfait has tons of combinations and is easily made. Today, I mix half chia and half oats, soaked overnight in a homemade cashew milk.

Swirling the chia seeds into liquid and letting them be for a few hours is key to gut healing benefits. It all comes down to a substance called mucilage, a jelly coating that forms around the seed. Chia is tiny but full of power, an extra on hidration and a natural inflamation fighter.

In terms of gut health and digestion, the seeds are incredibly rich in soluble fibre helping to create a healthy microbiome. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, they will fuel your brain to produce more happy hormones like serotinin.

I started out with a pure chia parfait and premade veggie milks. Lately I have restructured my recipe including overnight soaked oats, simply great because of their big amount of slow carbohidrates and essential fatties. Oatmeal also feeds the good bacteria and helps a healthy gut flora.

My favourite homemade milk is a cashew one. So get ready for an extra shot of selenium, zinc, manganese and copper. The precious nut is also full of surpises: healthy fats, calcium, B12, iron, providing our body with a layer of protection.

I usually include fresh fruit: a chopped banana, papaya or whatever is local.

Ingredients For Parfait:

1/2 cup chia + 1/2 cup oats

2 cups of nut milk


Cacao nibs

Coconut sugar

Ingredients For Nut Milk:

200gr cashew nuts

Double amount of water

A pinch of pink salt

Tablespoon honey.

Grab a mixer and voilá, enjoy…

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