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La Tejita, mon amour...


Seems some people have forgotten what we are, a unique coastline, a magnificent and magical environment, a small arid paradise… Thanks to our faithful Northeast Tradewind we´re rock ´n roll 9 months a year, our soul is full of sand and salt, barefoot is our heart, we shine like a new tattoo scarred on skin bright as day…

So many ways we could describe this incredible place of eternal sun, wind and wanderlust, guess heaven is here! It´s a come & go for sport lovers, windsurfers, kiters, runners, climbers, adrenaline junks… you name it, we´re all there…

Although loads think the place is a natural park, we are still waiting for those above us to get going and compromising. This fantastic area spans throughout 20kms, from El Rio to La Orchila and is constantly exposed to political and economical bullying. First an industrial port and now, last but not least, a 5 star hotel at La Tejita, (hey guys we`re boho!!), a most precious beach, or really two, guess you´ve got to wanderlust and discover the secrets, the hidden stories… It is borne protected by an incredible red mountain and a 20m sand bank that slides into the sea. Ideal to sunbathe, surf, windsurf, kitesurf or simply watching the most spectacular sunsets… If you´re staying around El Medano, it´s a 10 minute walk or an incredible workout, here goes one of our favourite routes: an 8 km run beginning at Los Balos, along the beach, up Bocinegro, the views are incredible, down and crossing to one of the paths that takes you half way up the Red Mountain and down again, just behind the house built at La Tejita, we haven´t finished, it´s a super run to the end of the beach and back to El Medano

This natural environment, supposedly protected, ends in a total horrendous urbanistic expansion that has been growing slowly but constantly, last project includes the development of a luxury hotel, honestly, we don´t know exactly where this idea fits in…

Those wanting to support what´s going on now, follow or like Salvar La Tejita.

“If you were all I had, I would have it all…” Ben Harper

The Beach House, Los Balos | El Medano
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