Los Balos El Medano

Sometimes It Rains In Heaven, Los Balos | El Medano

Los Balos | El Medano

We thought our Trade Wind would be mildly back this week, don´t despair, it´s sun and summer, probably gonna be great. If your plan is to get going on being a windsurfer, getting a grab on the sport and how El Médano´s Bay works, maybe you´re having breakfast at Flashpoint and simply have no clue to where or who, luck is on your side, you´re surrounded by great windsurf professionals, just next door is TWS or down at the beach, Surf Center Playa Sur, run by the Gahmig family, so there´s no excuse to get going…

If the wind doesn´t change, kitesurf is out of the question, most of The Guys On The Beach have disappeared, our favourite kitesurf teachers Willy Huvey and Antonio Pacheco are probably pumping up the adrenaline climbing the many “barrancos” that surround El Medano, an incredible experience and a fantastic workout.

Meanwhile, some of us will be cracking our skills on a standuppaddle board or rowing like hell in a canoe, swimming or simply sucking up all the vitamin D while sunbathing eternally. We´re killing the peace grooving to our playlist, soaking in magic, it´s El Medano all the way to heaven, who gives a damn the wind is out, today we´re on for The X Factor…

Guess if your stuck in this peculiar paradise and you were all set for rigging up your windsurf or kitesurf gear, you are probably raving like hell, but if you are staying at Los Balos you are sleeping like an angel, rocked  by a never ending wave, living barefoot and your kids are running wild.


The Beach House, Los Balos | El Medano

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  1. Estela
    Estela says:

    Yeahhh!! Nothing compares to El Medano…this is paradise!!


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