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We´ve taken our time, been on a long walkabout but we´re back like a rolling stone, playing live, following an unfaithful Tradewind, it’s El Médano and our guys, windsurfers & kiters from around the world, sailing our incredible bay.

Gonna still be including a weekly playlist, music that turns us on, life in the village, places to hang out, Sunset Boulevard and our favourite wanderlust routes for runners, climbers and soft steppers;  shops, yoga, markets, artesans…. Where & when to swim… The best kitesurf and windsurf teachers…

Meanwhile our Northeast blast has been on and off since December and will be blowing until the end of August. The guys next door,, have been working hard this winter, their Windsurf Slalom Stages are so damn hot, great riders have been guests, heroes racing to the beat of over 40 Knot winds… Wanna try? We´re still pumping up the adrenaline…


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