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Earth, Wind And Fire…

Earth, wind and fire… I guess everyone into sports, specially water ones, fight to keep hydrated. It doesn´t really matter if you are a guy or a gal. Everybody is on the move. The wind, kiters and windsurfers. Others, walking the beach or swimming the bay, hiking to La Tejita, diving Los Abrigos, skating down […]

It´s Been Great!

It´s Been Great started out as an enormous thank you to all those who came once again and newies who tried out Los Balos, El Médano, for the first time. A never-ending guest list that evolves and many times feels like the comes and goes of an enormous family. So, tons of gratitude. But of […]

Blue Moon Studio Jam

Blue Moon Studio Jam, an autumn playlist for colour lovers. The other day one of our guests got in touch, he had been staying at Los Balos with his family. First time for them, they usually come at Christmas. October’s summer beauty shocked them… We always mention this spectacular and unique season: September, October and […]

Earth, Beautiful Earth. A Call For Action!

Earth, Beautiful Earth. A Call For Action! The last few weeks, our planet has been front page on most world headlines. Thanks to a 16 year old girl. Greta Humberg, we are now talking about our planets´health. Consequently, tons of paths and discussions have emerged. Even criticism! I have heard friends and people around express […]

My Perfect Breakfast, El Médano

My perfect breakfast, El Médano, a delicious beginning for a hell of a day. Stocking up on goodness, charged and ready for whatever may come next: sports, work or simply, messing around. Babe, I simply love the ritual, a chi parfait, a pot of hot roasted green tea, a tray and solitude. Sometimes, it can […]

This Is Us, Tenerife…

Tenerife is an incredible island. Whichever side you fall on, there is a 100 percent chance that you are gonna be impressed by our uniqueness and tons of possibilities. As soon as the ocean and the volcano landscapes hit your eye line, get ready for what may come next. Médano is all about wind, waves, […]

Let´s Do Well By Doing Good.

Let´s do well by doing good. Los Balos, El Médano´s main theme for June. I always define El Médano not only as wind and waves but also as a magical and unique place. Where ocean and desert come together. We are just there, in the middle. On one side, the village, and on the other, […]

Babe, My Top Hacks for Globe Trotters

Babe, here go my top hacks for globe trotters. Been on the road since I was born. Although I was all for a quiet life, I just didn´t get one. More than half a century later, guess I am around like the devil… I just cannot travel without a few things: an onboard wash bag […]