Kerrzy, the movie…

Kerrzy was an air show guy, then he qualified for tour, then he fell off tour, then he qualified for tour again and proved that he undeniably belongs. And, of course, he’s always been a charger. But did you know that he got hit by a car in Hawaii once? Or that his old pickup move was to run up and down the hallways of a hotel naked… If you missed it then, watch it now. And if you watched it then, watch it again

Kelly Slater, Asher Pacey, Mick Fannning, Noa Deane, Taylor Knox, Jordy Smith, Chippa WIlson, Shaun and Dean Harrington, Rusty Preisendorfer, Colin and Sierra Kerr…. We’re cracking a lifestyle, they’re telling a great story and hitting waves…



The Beach House
El Medano


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