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It´s been a peculiar week, wind out of sight, slightly blowing, windsurf gear down to the beach, gotta change my sails again, no wind and I am leaving on Monday! A total mess up, but guys, the wind is gonna be back today. If I am quick, I´m gonna grab a 20 knot gust from 07.00 to, but may be I´m a lazy riser or a kitesurfer, maybe I´m gonna ride all day… Possibly windsurf or kitesurf, the beach for sure, the sea and waves, I´m a surfer but then there is the X factor…

Whichever is your case, it’s a good opportunity, after your morning run or swimming El Médano´s Bay (that´s really me, “Hey Umberto…Keep an eye out…”) to treat yourself to breakfast, our favourites being El Oso or Flashpoint, both have free wifi connections, great waitresses and stunning smoothies. While your there I wouldn´t miss The Boho Market and trying  find the lady behind these beautiful necklaces, she´s one of the only real artesans around, although there are many others, hats, bracelets, books…

Discover your best and favourites, don´t forget to send us an email letting us know, we try to make it not only about The Place, it´s also about the people, our guests, what´s happening, what to do if I can´t windsurf or kitesurf and I simply wanna hangout around El Médano.

It´s always What We See.

The Beach House
El Medano


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