Keep It Simple And Slow Living It Is

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Keep it simple and slow living it is. Both strategies always present during my life, applying them to my gardens and interiors. Colour combinations are so important for all of us. They contribute to feeling at home in a place that belongs to others.

The Beach House exteriors: concrete, steel, grey, silver and yellow, combined with brilliantly green desert gardens are an absolute contrast with our interiors. Most apartments are simply white. The experience is a sense of peace. An exquisite fragrance of life itself. We would not exist if our front garden wasn´t this brilliant south beach bathed by a wild Atlantic Ocean and a never-ending Tradewind.

A beautiful winter sun and new challenges have made perfect my last month at Los Balos. One of the great things about our place is you can be on the run and at the same time, work.  Many of our guests have online businesses. Sometimes they´re here while their offices think they are cracking it from home. Thanks to our 300mb optical fibre, it´s easy to pull off.

I organised my stay as a business trip and leisure. Too many winters without turning up has made me rediscover an endless summer and our uniqueness. I love working with our team, however I was also able to fit in tons of self care, mindfulness, yoga, le barré, sunbathing, swimming… Cherishing my beautiful skin and polishing it, using beach sand packed with minerals and goodies direct from sea water. Trekking  Montaña Roja to end up at our old beach house. Dreaming possibilities and projects still to come.  But mainly using our staircase to fire my heart and butt.

This month we introduced our new project: Ocean And Soul Soaps. Absolutely perfect for travelling. A cute item to include in your wash bag. Designed for hair and skin plus an exquiste essence that may carry you trillions of kms away or simply, bring you back to the island.

It has been an adventure like no other. We have managed and assisted our guests, not only by being around with a true feedback on the pandemic situation but also holding hands with them. Enjoying and celebrating their enthusiasm on arrival.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals

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