Ocean Soaps

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We have lately introduced our jewelled boxed ocean soaps to our guests. Inspired by my childhood, Molly’s unique perfume, this volcanic island, a never-ending wind and a continuous wave.

Our savons de toilette are eco-friendly. A blend of natural essences combined with organic clay and sea collagen. A scent of what we are, a simple beach house on a wee cove bathed by the Atlantic ocean.

Today and for years now, I am totally obsessed with what I use on my skin. Mad about soaps, creams and perfumes since I was a kid. Convinced we have made a hit choosing them as a complement for our apartments.

The moment seemed great. Immersed in a pandemic and the need to wash our hands all the time. They are perfect for travelling. A cute item to include in your wash bag. An exclusive mix designed for hair and skin.

Los Balos, El Médano took quite a few years to get going. We resisted pulling down our old family summer house until we finally cracked it open, choosing concrete and steel. The result was an extremely modern project that rides in all ways with the desert and this fabulous beach.

Today we are 10 different sized apartments. One, two and three bedrooms are available. Babe, don’t be shy and try us out.

The secret of our place? Being a simple summer beach house on a wee cove. Our heartbeat is a never-ending north east trade wind.

Ps. I always love to share some details of my stay. April and May are beautiful months. Lost in tides, I swam the ocean as if it was mine. Scrubbed my beautiful skin pink, using the new golden sand. Body wrapped in baking soda and felt like a brilliant diamond. Music and dance. Practice, practice. Moving and shaking my body souled by The Class.

See you all the time.
Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals

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