The Bullet Journal
Change and transition. Today a new world is unfolding, we simply have to adapt and make it ours.

A difficult month to choose an interesting topic. The winter sun, our wild beach and rentals seem so damn trivial. This change is for sure, a path to a new dynamic. A possibility to create a different and a kinder world.

My obsession on keeping track of my life, work, business, projects, guest´ arrivals, departures and personal goals, led me to discovering an analogical way that fits me like a glove. A method, The Bullet Journal, developing my daily or monthly entries using a simple code. Ergo, everything together and indexed. Actually, today it’s a growing part of my library.

Babe, I don’t know about you but I have household issues, never-ending lists, ongoing projects, clients and the management of ten apartments. Of course I still keep a digital backup of our business but I recognize a need to have it all written down.

This incredible journal is a resumé of my life, goals, challenges and my work.

Therefore, the moment is an exceptional one. An opportunity to rummage our insides. A travel hunt, who didn’t die for one? We have tons of jewels stocked up, just like a pantry. Grab what you need.

As Jung once said,  Go back and retrieve those stones and strings. Imperative parts of a past unique entertainment. Moments when we were able to fly away and conquer foreign undiscovered lands. Stories, tales, inventions, that consequently, bloomed a peace of mind. Abstraction and bliss.

Ps  Today, stranded in a semi-lockdown, shocked by Spanish Government policies… But meanwhile, drinking coffee, soaking in an east winter sun. Dogs at my feet and getting ready for my morning challenge, dipping into a 10 degree Celsius magna pool.

Hold my hand and let’s change the world. The only thing we need is love.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals