Glimpses Of Magic

“The desire to perform, rooted deep into the essence of their existence, in a constant battle to stay ahead and lead the way. Simple acts of courage, defining the scope of their abilities. Pushing harder, to challenge boundaries with every gushing heartbeat… Lifestyles that simply blow us away, an undefiable urge to keep going forward…”

We’ve followed them around the world throughout 2014 and today they’re all onboard: Guilaume Nery, Tommy Carroll, B-Boy Tawfiq, Youri Zoon, Jordy Smith, Tim Emmett, Bjorn Kaupang, Kjeld Nuis, Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, David Coulthard, Robby Naish, Junaid Kippie, Lars ten Harkel, B-boy Jazzy and  B-boy Skychief.

The Beach House
El Medano



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