Free In The Sea


Going Through The Lens with Olya Raskina and Lena Bam

Waking up early in the morning to check the forecast and head to the beach. The wind and the ocean direct the life of a professional windsurfer Olya Raskina, who travels all year to PWA competitions and training spots like Mauritius, Egypt, Canary islands.
2014 was not an easy year – traveling all the time, moving from one place to another with windsurf beauties camps, PWA wave and freestyle events, shootings and trainings. But if you love it, you enjoy it. 2nd place at PWA Freestyle in Fuerteventura this year. I traveled with Olya the whole year and took photos as well as videos.

It’s ‘Sunday Afternons’ and it’s windsurf all the way, here goes another selection of their great films…




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