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Los Roques de Anaga


“Las Manchas”

At the end of December, 2014, The Canary Islands were threatened by extreme weather conditions, rain, wind and tremendous storms, road cuts, water falls exploding from nowhere, the sea roaring like hell…

Perfect conditions for Dani Bruch and his mates, David Rodal Santiago-“Vilayta”, Alexander Zirke and Aito Febles, always on the look out for epic conditions. So here they are playing bad ass on  the Island’s north shore,  past playa de Antequera, Los Roques de Anaga, the exact place, an outside reef, “Las Manchas”.

Guess if you want to try it out you`re gonna  have to hike, sail or get hold of a jet ski.

Filmed using a GoPro, the quality of the footage isn’t the best, but the XXL Northeast waves are unique in the area and these guys are real heroes, storm chasers, riders and always, watermen.

“Waves were mountains moving around, massive, but nothing epic really, as the strong wind was kind of onshore”  – Dany stated

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