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Tenerife, Islas Afortunadas, The Canary Islands

It´s funny how little is known and reaches the great public about these unique and beautiful islands, located on the Northwest coast of Africa. We love them all! Our base is Tenerife, south and windy: El Médano, one of the unique natural sand beaches on the island…

There are many edges, coves, stone shores and cliffs. Countless undiscovered places to explore. If you are not into the tourist thing, check us out once in a while. Sometimes it is food, recipes, restaurants, where to hang or shop, the Windsurf World Championship. Or simply, who is on the beach.

Today, we are onto that ragged North coast, Anaga, the legendary San Borondon magic tale and  Las Mareas del Pino. Tremendous waves usually start rolling  around September. These barrels, although terribly unfaithful, supposedly appear throughout the last three months of the year or the beginning of the next. A swell born by North Atlantic storms. Tides and moon also play a great part in these six metre waves (more or less, twenty feet). Sometimes it is simply not enough to produce the famous phenonemon included below. Two things have to concur: high tide, “pleamar”, and a big swell.

If you are in an adventurous mood, check the weather, sea conditions and grab a ride, destination Anaga´s coast, a chain of unique rock mountains. Huge waves roll from the North, between Los Dos Hermanos and Los Roques de Anaga. Check with locals as you will only be able to reach them by boat or an hour stroll. There are a few more locations: explore El Campanario, El Bravo, El Bajío, El Rosario, El Terrero or El Guindaste. Get out of the box and feel like Rob Machado.

Dany Bruch , Vilayta, and their crew, have put these famous waves on the map a few years ago. Today, surfers like Guy Mac and Nic Von Rupp, Miguel Blanco, Manuel Lezcano, Ginés Díaz and Franito Saénz have also taken on the challenge.


If you are on a plane travelling to us or simply want a different insight to where you are coming to. Watch this incredible film and discover some of our most guarded secrets. Thank you Rayco Cano.

Babe, it is not only windsurf and kitesurf. Get on board, you are on a trip to undiscovered land, The Canary Islands, Las Islas Afortunadas.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House




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