The Moreno Twins




Hawaii, the big wave maker is still on, every metheorological factor has come together to generate the massive swell that hits the islands. Throughout the last few months, storms have been monitored 2.000 miles away, awaiting the biggest wave. They have surely played up these last few months, pure rock ‘n roll.

The girls have been really hitting the road, they made it to Maui, real queen riders and challenging windsurfers! Watch them hit the waves and win the podium.

Great footage of one of the biggest swells on earth,  Robbie Naish, Jason Polakov, Dani Bruch, Keala Kennelly and many more, have challenged the beast, let’s surf Hookipa…

The Moreno Twins are now back at home,  ripping El Pozo to pieces…


The Beach House
El Medano

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