Get Going On New Challenges For 2019 | Los Balos, El Medano

Many of us get lost and stressed out when a new year begins. I find it incredible, a kind of rebirth. Checking in on what went right and shifting focus to the positive always helps to improve happiness. Do not forget, consistency is the tool.

I love establishing goals and going through with them, ticking them off my list. My business is on my computer but I am also a great fan of bullet journalling, an analogic method for this digital age. “Goals are like lighthouses. Lighthouses serve as guides. They illuminate safe passage for ships at sea preventing them from breaking apart on the same jagged cliffs on which they´re often built…” (Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal). Let´s get going on building these brilliant lighthouses, full of concepts, ideas, mental landmarks and more!

While I am writing here, sitting at my desk, I am thinking of all the blessings that have come my way this 2018: all the new things I´ve learnt, the people who have popped in and out of my life, what I have achieved… It´s not only the business. I am so thankful to my guests who continue coming year after year. Without them Los Balos-El Medano, would not be possible.

It´s life in itself. Today´s beautiful brilliant red dawn, the yoga, the run, my dogs, specially one of them who is annoying me now!… Today I´m far away. Missing El Médano, a place that fills my heart. It´s a magical desert full of soul. Although life is wherever you are, I am a hippie who loves being barefoot, checking the tides, swimming, running up or down Montaña Roja, watching the action, the beach and these incredible sports: windsurf and kitesurf.

Cannot forget to mention two ladies, unique athletes and heroes, The Moreno Twins. Stars on following their dreams, not only number ones on the PWA World Tour, now Iballa has crowned the Stand Up Paddle Surf Championship. An inspiration and an example to follow!

Here is to new mornings and evenings, new goals and challenges.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House

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