Lunch & Dinner

Lunch & Dinner, a small guide to Médano´s cute restaurants

Lunch & Dinner, a small guide to Médano´s cute restaurants…

There´s an even bigger variety: Rosmarino´s homemade pasta evoques the traditional Trattoria, simple and delicious, don´t go looking for pizza ’cause you´re not gonna find it. El Caballo Blanco has a great terrace looking onto Médano´s beautiful bay; frecuented by locals, Mari Sol is in charge and their menu offers mainly Canarian cuisine with a modern touch and a varied selection of white wines, they are open every single day, I love “La Pata”, lovely pork served cold, remember to order their great fried chips.

El Templete is maybe the most renowned restaurant Médano has. Jose is the owner and is always around, his brother is in charge of the kitchen. The place is famous for its “Morena Frita”, moray eels, something new for those who have never tasted this fish. They also have available a selection of tomatoes, avocados and fruits. So I guess if you have missed the Wednesday Farmers´Market, it´s a top solution for late arrivers with nothing in the fridge.

One of my beloved restaurants is Familiar, greatest fish in town. I´ve known them for years, it´s a family restaurant, Viti died a year ago but Olivia, his daughter, a crack with an amazing personality, manages the place with mother and sister in the kitchen. If you are gonna swing by, book!, they´re always chocabloca.

I guess the hottest is La Lata Del Gofio; Jonay, the owner, is not only an exquisite Maître Fromager but also cooks the best “Potaje Verde”. Try out or buy his fantastic cheeses, available also at The Farmers Market. Evenings are great watching Médano´s spectacular sunsets, I love popping around throughout the winter months for a late lunch or specially, if you are looking for something warm…

Brita & Montse´s Lille Café is still doing great, it´s not only breakfast, lunch also. They´re a must, can´t miss ’em if you want to meet Médano´s everyday people or have a quick business meeting. Thrive on Brita´s Aperol cocktail

Flashpoint is open every single day! If you´ve just landed and don´t have a clue where to go, they´re just next door, on the beach.

Last but not least is El Ancla my plan for a crowded Sunday; food is delicious and La Jaquita is an incredible beach, unique and simple. A way to spend the day even if you´re riding: windsurfing or kitesurfing from El Cabezo.

These are our chosen and reviewed restaurants… I get lazy and therefore, easily click into a routine. Gotta check out many more! Please send us your favourites to As a ps., one of the coolest cooks on the island, Juan Carlos Clemente and maître Linda, have just opened a new gig at Alcala, Muelle Viejo, couldn´t make it to the opening…

Stayed tuned for our Autumn playlist…

Psss. Still pending our 2019 review… Caballo Blanco no longer exists, another restaurant has occupied its place. Not too sure we like the change.


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