Medano is a great place to enjoy local and  top class cooking. Wanting to include a small guide for everyone who pops in and visits our web or  blog has made us decide on a yearly review. It is summer and hot, tons of hours to do a little bit of everything, move our body, go for a run, swim, windsurf, kitesurf, standuppaddle, surf, give it a go at climbing, so many things to do… Babe, but we have got to fuel up, hidrate, nourish our body with the best ingredients around. Depending on your routine, maybe you´re an early riser or simply love to stay in bed until late, waiting on our Tradewind; whatever’s your case, maybe a few tips will help you get the best out of this small village…

Our Northeast blast has a lazy wake-up call, many gather at Flashpoint, waiting, observing and having breakfast, we love the place as it´s just next door and offers a great variety; an oriental sweet cous-cous is my favourite but you can also stock up on proteins, ordering an English breakfast, eggs, bacon and more. Great innovations were made on the menu while Katia was in charge. She left a few years ago and we still miss her, nothing has changed since then. No worries, there are new sherifs in town: Brita and Montse with their Lille Café. Located on Medano´s main street, offers the latest trends: matcha and turmeric lattes, great salmon and the best Benedictine eggs or avocado toast.

Punto Incontro and Stella´s Sticky Fingers cakes is another must. If your windsurfing from Cabezo you´ll find many local windsurfer riders stocking up for the day… Many more to check out: Warung and Bliss Café

Stay tuned for Lunch & Dinner.

Yolanda Edward
Founding Partner & Rentals at Los Balos El Medano
The Beach House


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