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It´s never been easier to find good restaurants around El Medano. Today there are tons of places that have been going for ages and quite a few new guys doing great in town.

I used to love starting my day at Flashpoint, just next door neighbours to Los Balos, El Medano. They open at 09.00 and do a fantastic breakfast, scrambled eggs, Le Petite Chocolate, Mr Wilson… and my favorite, a sweet couscous topped with fresh fruit. Nowadays I go for a run and pop by for coffee, tea or a smoothie. Whatever your schedule is, windsurf, kitesurf or swimming the bay, morning, early afternoon are the best moments to choose to hang out there. If your addiction is our lazy rising Tradewind, Flashpoint is chocabloka to meet up, meet new, meet different. Wanna feel the magic of our trending sport? Stop by, fuel up on windsurf and kitesurf, vitamins and unique characters.

If you are simply roaming El Medano, waiting to rig your sail and getting your best guns out, fealing peaky and wanting something  new, detox, vegan and delicious, Fuori Di Zucca,  their pressed fresh juices bring you back from the worst hangover or simply get you going for the next part of the day.

Caballo Blanco opens daily for an early lunch or dinner. Many locals are addicted to their menu, a variety of fresh fish, great meat and for heaven´s  sake, La Pata Asada! Today the restaurant is managed by Antonio and family, the kitchen has included new dishes thanks to local cook, Juan Carlos Clemente, gotta keep an eye on him ´cause he organizes specialites, Tuna days and more all around the island…

El Familiar is another rock in town, choose midday or an evening out, the fish Viti´s  daughter cooks, will never let you down.

Lately a lot of Italians have moved in, I have fallen for Rosmarino, run by Francesca and her team, the menu is short, stocked with homemade pasta, delicious and full of goodness. We are really quite international, it´s not only you and me, wanna eat French? Le Penon, their meat is unique and if you are into pinchos and wine, give them a try.

These are my favourites but for sure there are many more, write to us and let us know where you go…


The Beach House, Los Balos | El Medano
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