Windsurf All The Way

Los Balos El Medano

Windsurf World Championships


Our Trade Wind is blowing like a bastard, lucky every one ’cause it’s windsurf all the way, the Pwa World Cup Tenerife 2016 is on like a Hollywood star, wind and waves are rolling, heroes our here, The Moreno Twins, Ben Proffit, Justyna Sniady, Alex Mussollini and many more…

People are asking when to go, every day’s great, the opening ceremony was 2 days ago, many of us followed La Batukada from El Cabezo to La Plaza, gotta thank Dani Bruch for the organization and the party. Conditions are a total go, tides are up in the morning, forget about the beach and pop over even if your not a windsurf fanatic, get a feel of this terrific sport and unique lifestyle. We feel cool just being around them!

The Pwa World Championship is easy to find, wherever your staying at El Medano, walk against this Northeast wind and it will take you directly to El Cabezo, flags are up, you won’t miss it. There’s a chiringuito but we’re drinking Desperados, only served inside.

We’re touched by magic, been so lucky today, seen The Moreno Twins getting ready to ride like hell, totally concentrated, warming up, watching the sea, knowing the how and when, great to be so near…

Guess we’re playing live!

The Beach House




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