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My Story, Wind & Waves…

  ‘Was all for a quiet life,  but I just didn´t get one…’ (Been ’round El Médano for more years than I would wish to remember… Molly and Muriel used to send me postcards as a kid, they discovered the village in 1962, official first Brits to stay during the winter months). Born in Surrey […]

Windsurf All The Way

  Our Trade Wind is blowing like a bastard, lucky every one ’cause it’s windsurf all the way, the Pwa World Cup Tenerife 2016 is on like a Hollywood star, wind and waves are rolling, heroes our here, The Moreno Twins, Ben Proffit, Justyna Sniady, Alex Mussollini and many more… People are asking when to […]

Be Green As A Bean, It´s Not Always Windsurf. Los Balos | El Medano

  Don´t forget to pop in The Green Market, it´s a go every Wednesday, La Plaza, El Médano! We never miss ´em, loving the veggies, the fruit, the cheese… Get a grab on being green, healthy and feeling amazing even if today the wind´s being terribly unfaithful. I think we´ve all come to an agreement […]

Roses & Pickles, Music That Turns Us On…

The wind will be back, there will be more windsurf and kitesurf, heroes riding the bay… Meanwhile we are hitting our playlist and The Market, stocking up greens and fruits, roaming the village,  breakfast at El Oso… Sails are checked, we´ve got a few days to go to, our Northeast blast will be rolling again […]