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Like A Rolling Stone | Los Balos, El Médano

Like A Rolling Stone, Los Balos, El Medano, also known as The Beach House, has now been running strong for 10 years. Today we have ten frontline apartments available for rentals; different sizes, different levels, all offer incredible views of this beautiful beach. Therefore, this year we are happy to share that we have rennovated […]

Yummies For Heroes

MAKE VIBRANT CHIA SEED PUDDING PARFAITS Pretty, nutritious and so easy to make, these chia seed pudding parfaits are our secret weapons to get our butts out of bed and start the day feeling fabulous! A pretty breakfast is all it takes to turn a meh day into an amazing one, or at least one we’re […]

Saturdays Down South… Los Balos | El Medano | Windsurf

Seems our East-North-East Tradewind is taking its time in blowing full blast, meanwhile we´re keeping track on what´s gonna happen throughout the next few months… Supposedly we should be rolling already, all ‘The Guys On The Beach’ are nervous as hell, this weekend is gonna be a prelude of what’s coming, a constant 19 knot […]

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner… El Medano

It´s never been easier to find good restaurants around El Medano. Today there are tons of places that have been going for ages and quite a few new guys doing great in town. I used to love starting my day at Flashpoint, just next door neighbours to Los Balos, El Medano. They open at 09.00 […]

My Story, Wind & Waves…

  ‘Was all for a quiet life,  but I just didn´t get one…’ (Been ’round El Médano for more years than I would wish to remember… Molly and Muriel used to send me postcards as a kid, they discovered the village in 1962, official first Brits to stay during the winter months). Born in Surrey […]

Windsurf All The Way

  Our Trade Wind is blowing like a bastard, lucky every one ’cause it’s windsurf all the way, the Pwa World Cup Tenerife 2016 is on like a Hollywood star, wind and waves are rolling, heroes our here, The Moreno Twins, Ben Proffit, Justyna Sniady, Alex Mussollini and many more… People are asking when to […]