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The Beach House was first built in 1935, it’s been a family summer house since then, although today it has evolved into a small residential.

The property is located at the end of El Medano ´s main bay and literally walks out onto the beach,  a minute away from the direct action, if you’re a windsurf or a kitesurf junkie, you just can’t be nearer.

Things have changed, we have gone modern and today we have available for rentals, 13 apartments, 2 and 3 bedrooms ones.

We’re many more but we try to keep it cool and windy thanks to our North East blast. Guests are quite a few and varied: families, toddlers, teenagers, barefooters, mothers, windsurfers, runners, fathers, lovers, kiters, climbers, friends, babies, us, softsteppers and maybe you… So if you are thinking on heading out on an adventure, learning a new sport, wanna try out your windsurf or kitesurf skills, sail El Medano´s incredible bay, surf waves and hang out, we are The Place to be, come and stay…

The Beach House, Los Balos | El Medano
Come & Stay

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