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Seems our East-North-East Tradewind is taking its time in blowing full blast, meanwhile we´re keeping track on what´s gonna happen throughout the next few months… Supposedly we should be rolling already, all ‘The Guys On The Beach’ are nervous as hell, this weekend is gonna be a prelude of what’s coming, a constant 19 knot with gusts upto 22… We just wanna fly.

Our next door neighbours, TWS are hitting red since January and until the end of March, more than 60 PWA World Windsurfing Tour athletes are training with them 4 days a week, the top 20 world ranking riders soaring the bay, El Cabezo and La Tejita, aren´t we lucky? Keep an eye open, you may bump into Matteo Lachino, Alex Mussolini… Marco Lang and Jordy Vonk are the guys in charge, polishing up slalom techniques. It’s not only pro windsurfers, check their web, it`s clinics for everyone, what you wanna ride, what you should ride, just follow their Slalom Technique Series.

We´re including their 2016 video, loving the winter action although, remember, our wind is on 9 months plus we´re a never ending summer and a great beach, all year round.

Photos included belong to our site, available on Instagram. Hope to see you around…

The Beach House, Los Balos | El Medano
Come & Stay


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